Class Descriptions

All classes can (and should) be modified to fit you and your specific needs. Let your instructor know if you need more assistance. You do you! All classes are adult-only unless otherwise specified. 

Good Morning Yoga - this is a Vinyasa yoga class. It is a creative form of yoga where poses are linked together with the breath in a flowing sequence. This class has variety. There is no standard sequence, so the style, pace, and intensity will all vary depending on the day. Classes may be sequenced around a peak pose, such as a backbend, or focus on a particular theme, such as the chakras or the inner thigh. The class may be dynamic and focus on strengthening postures, or it may be a slower flow with an emphasis on mobility, balance, and flexibility.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga - meaning "to place in a special way," movement is synced with the breath, and poses are not held for more than a few breaths to get into a flow state.

Warm Yoga - This is a slow flow. Room heated to 80. A slower-paced vinyasa flow class; movement with breath, with time to focus on alignment. This class is appropriate for anyone from beginners to more advanced practitioners.

Hot Yoga Flow – room heated to 85. A slower-paced vinyasa flow class; movement with breath, with time to focus on alignment. This class is appropriate for anyone from beginners to more advanced practitioners.

Hatha Yoga - this holistic class begins with tuning in and breathing exercises, or pranayama, which increase the prana, or life force, in your energetic, physical, and mental bodies and prepare you for meditative practice. Asanas are held longer than other flow classes and are focused on creating harmony, resilience, and relaxation in your whole body and mind.

Full Power Vinyasa - a high-intensity class focusing on building strength, flexibility, and moving with the breath. The class is meant to challenge you and push you to find new limits and expand your practice. Vinyasa means "to place in a special way" and we move with the breath, holding poses for 3 breaths or less, incorporating some conditioning and active flexibility exercises. It will end with a restorative cool down. 

Power Pilates - this class is designed for all fitness levels and no experience is necessary. We will focus on improving strength, flexibility, and balance! This class will be heavily core based and will coordinate breath with movement to challenge your mind-body connection. Class will flow quite quickly and will push you to go the extra mile while incorporating modifications if necessary to adapt the movement to your specific needs. Props such as resistance bands, circles, and light dumbbells will be added to keep the class fun and dynamic! Walk out of this class feeling strong, stretched, and energized! 

Tone & Strength Classes - more challenging classes that work on strength and active flexibility by targeting specific muscle groups. Great conditioning classes that focus on low-impact strength training! Functional fitness is designed to keep us active and vibrant as we age. Modifications will be offered. Great class for everyone of all ages and abilities!

Weekend Yoga - this yoga class varies depending on who the instructor is. Each instructor brings her own spin on yoga; get ready to relax, recharge and leave class feeling centered.

Reiki and Restorative Yoga - Reiki is a gentle energy healing technique that works by channeling life force energy to the subtle energy channels, or chakras, in the body. You will be guided through slow and restorative yoga practice as you receive Reiki to deeply nourish your body and soul.