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Brenda Erdman

Brenda Erdman photo Brenda Erdman
My journey for mental and physical peace has been helped recently through Peterson and Company Fitness and practicing Yoga. I was very athletic growing up and remained athletic during my early parenting years (fun runs, triathlons, half marathon, bike riding adventures). I thought my body would be lean and fit forever, even if I neglected it just a little bit. Through the years of raising children, a cancer journey, working long hours, coaching swimming for 18 years, and taking care of everyone I loved being busy and involved, but I dropped the "health and fitness ball" for myself. My mind and body began to let me know that I needed to make some changes. Training at PCF has been life-changing. I am finding my athletic self again. I don't want to run a half marathon, but I do want to wake up in the morning without horrible joint pain or go on a hike in Alaska without throwing out my back. I want to look healthy again, but more importantly, feel healthy again. Moving has always been an important part of my life and I want to enjoy exercising and live in a fit body. PCF helps guide and support me in reaching those goals.
I wish I had found Yoga much earlier in my life and practiced it more often. Practicing Yoga and meditation are the pieces of my personal puzzle that have been missing and are now in place. The summer of 2022 I earned my 200 Level Yoga Certification through Breathe for Change, and I am currently taking the 300 level Yoga certification class, which also includes Chair Yoga and Restorative Yoga. Through Breathe for Change I am also a certified SEL Facilitator (social and emotional learning). The mental peace and stability I find through practicing and teaching Yoga is a beautiful change for my mind, body, and spirit. The Hatha yoga I teach is slower-paced with controlled movements, and I also teach Vinyasa flow, connecting movement to the breath. I am new to teaching Yoga, but I love helping people feel movement, balance, breath control, and peaceful meditation in their body and mind through the practice of Yoga.
I have been a physical education teacher since 1993 and have my National Board Certification in Teaching. My husband Todd and I have raised three beautiful daughters who are all grown up and making a difference in the world. My hobbies include kayaking, swimming, hiking, photography, writing, gardening, and we love to travel.
I would love to help you find joy and peace in your health and fitness journey through exercise and Yoga!
Brenda Erdman, NBCT, RYT200