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Jaime Fearing

Jaime Fearing photo Jaime Fearing
What started as a journey to lose weight after a hysterectomy in my early thirties quickly became a love for the fitness industry and all it had to offer. 
I was always told I wasn't athletic in my youth, which led to many limiting beliefs about myself. It wasn't until my 30s that I decided to stop believing that lie.  I signed up for a tough mudder race and hired a personal trainer.  I did this not only to face many of my fears but also to shut up the voices in my head that I could, in fact, do hard things and be athletic.  That was pivotal for me.  Not only did I fall in love with strength training, but I also started an interest in the many facets of nutrition and fueling my body. 
It was in that year that I met Becky and many of the PCF members and trainers.  They have inspired and encouraged me in so many ways! Their wealth of knowledge is mind-blowing, and we are so lucky to have them in our small community!
Becky introduced me to the PPSC and encouraged me to get certified.  Their philosophies and how they program and train aligned perfectly with my beliefs about staying strong and healthy for years to come. 
What I love the most about personal training and being an instructor is watching people transform into the best versions of themselves.  From their mindset, their form, and their lifestyles, watching it roll into these beautiful friendships that blossom into more than I could've ever imagined. Being surrounded by like-minded people who love and encourage you in your faith, fitness, and family is priceless! They may think we are there to encourage them, but many times, it's the latter.  We are the lucky ones that get to leave feeling completely filled up!
My background in dance and pilates has also helped me help others.  I love anatomy and physiology and have taken many courses and certifications in those.  Strength, mobility, and endurance are a huge part of our health, but so is mental health. As a busy mom, wife, and business owner in my mid 40's, I now appreciate the mental and emotional release, maybe even more so than the physical aspect of it. It's amazing what an hour to ourselves can do for us! You know that old saying, "you can't pour from an empty cup?"  It's absolutely true! 
It doesn't matter how old you are, your body type, or if you've never even lifted a dumbbell before; if you have the courage to walk through the door, we will take care of the rest! We meet you right where you're at and will encourage you every step of the way! Connecting with others is my jam, and I look forward to the many places this journey will take us together!